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**David Ogles is a disaffected American re-patriate resisting modernity’s triple threat to his identity: to sanitize, categorize, and specialize.  He has clearly realized too late that a ‘Renaissance Man’ is now so rare as to be both a category and specialty.  Starting a oxymoronic ‘generalist specialty’ blog, mostly serving the purpose of providing fodder for readers’ cocktail parties/luncheons, seemed the most logical conclusion.

He holds a BA in Economics and Philosophy from Emory University and is hypocritically pursuing a JD at the University of Chicago.

**Justin Michael is a disenchanted American resident resisting a preemptive strike on the middle class and in no way trying to utterly plagiarize David Ogles’ first sentence. Perhaps too literal at times, he applies extremely rigorous critical thinking to all the wrong places and some of the right ones, convinced this is the only rational (and thus perhaps self-referential) way to pursue a modern-day life.

He has a Bachelors of Science in Applied Mathematics at Georgia Tech and religiously hates that it had to be Applied but he just can’t be bothered with all that Discrete computer stuff. He will be attending grad school to pursue a teaching career as soon as he’s convinced he doesn’t have to, once again, be a poor college student.

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  1. Victoria Sedlachek permalink
    April 5, 2012 11:42 am

    Looking for David Ogles, FOUND 1 debit card in MKE.

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