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Sports and Intellectual Honesty

July 9, 2010

It’s actually kind of funny that I came back to blogging after a 6 month hiatus to excoriate the King James Decision when my previous post rationalized the Lane Kiffin Debacle.  Just to be clear on how the two positions reconcile:

  • The problem with LeBron leaving isn’t that he is leaving.  If he wanted to win, it would probably have been insane to stay in Cleveland.  That’s fine.  It’s that the way he’s gone about it is disrespectful, and clearly calculated to get the city’s hopes up.
  • Lane Kiffin is still a dirtbag.  I’m just saying the Vols deserved it. Anyways, its fitting that USC got slapped with crippling sanctions as soon as he got there.
  • Thus it is ok for me to criticize one player for the way he leaves while feeling no sympathy for the fans being left in similar fashion due to the way the previous coach was fired.

I probably would have taken the Kiffin approach to Cleveland if Cavs fans were ever anything but grateful and supportive when they came up short in the playoffs for so many years.  But my understanding is that Cleveland fans were not known for calling LeBron a choke artist or questioning his lack of heart.  So while the distinction is probably unsatisfactory on a superficial level, I think the relationship between the player/coach and the city/team is important in determining how said player/coach should move on to other opportunities.

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