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I’m Guessing This Mag Won’t Be On Offer From Any Enterprising Girl Scouts Anytime Soon

December 30, 2009

Act now, infidels, before subscription rates go up before the new year!  Save 73% off the cover price!

Sada al-Malahim manages to get by without paid advertisements. The staff keeps costs down by having no central office. The editor sometimes communicates with his far-flung jihadi writers through the pages of the magazine itself. (In one issue, he apologized that he had too much content to run in a single issue, but he promised jilted contributors that their work would appear in the subsequent issue.) Most of the contributors are either members of al-Qaida or their relatives, and they’re probably not paid for their writing…

Articles are of varying quality, with more misspellings and grammatical errors than you might see in a commercial magazine.

from Slate

So basically, al-Zawahari is a big fan of ‘zines? In more important news this is the first decentralized extremist organization to adopt the DIY aesthetic since Discord Records.

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