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I Feel As If A Weight Has Been Lifted From My Shoulders

August 25, 2009

I don’t know about you, but I’m a “put it off until it becomes a problem” kind of guy.  Which explains my room at any given time.  Which also applies to my electronic organization.

189.  That’s the number of unread messages in my GMail inbox.  Granted, most of these are newsletter or quasi-junk like Facebook notifications which I don’t actually read but use as a reminder to get on the site and respond to something else. The upshot to this is that when I get new mail from people I care about, I might miss it because I don’t notice the difference between 173 and 175 unread messages.

But fixing this is a giant pain in the ass.  Before today I’ve been simply going through each 20 messages in the past and deleting the unread messages one-by-one, alongside read messages.  This might go back 50 pages if I haven’t archived in a while (and let’s face it, I rarely do).

ANYWAYS.  If this in anyway reminds you of your own GMail situation, then here is the quick way out.  Labels.

GMail automatically labels its read and unread messages, allowing you to search for them from the search box atop the inbox.  Therefore, if you want to search for only unread messages, simply type “label:unread” and viola! you’ll see all those beautifully bolded e-parcels from your buddies at Delta Air-Lines or that newsletter from the flower company you used last Mother’s Day.

This of course works for traditional fields as well.  For example, “” might save you from being stabbed in the head unawares (if you are an SS officer, of course).

Hopefully that helps someone else who reads this blog.  Thank you to everyone who has checked it out over the last few months!

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