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City of Toronto Destroys Atlanta in Winning Percentage, Murder Rate, People Who Up And Left Because They Were Sick Of George W. Bush

May 20, 2009

The Toronto Star recently compiled the winning percentages of North American cities with multiple sports franchises, for an article mostly designed to pat Toronto on its collective back for its own depressing mediocrity, ranking them on a highly entertaining infographic that I will now share with you:

Proof That Square States Need More Sports Teams

Proof That Square States Need More Sports Teams

I don’t know about you, but here was my first thought: Is there a significant negative correlation between winning teams and violent crimes?

Losing cities also rank highly for the nation’s most hostile cities. #37 Cincinnati is 16th, #36 Kansas City is 18th, #34 Cleveland is 10th, #32 Atlanta is 22nd, and #31 Oakland is 4th. Basically what I’m saying is that if Brian McCann keeps getting injured, Atlanta is going to be in the running for its very own CSI spin-off very soon.

Unfortunately for my theory, the two most violent places in the country happen to have the Red Wings, Pistons, Cardinals and the 1999-2003 Rams. So until some greedy owner relocates those teams to Celebration, FL, I’m going to have to wait on that Nobel Prize.

(h/t: Richard Florida)

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