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Stuff To Click If You Wanna Seem Interesting – 4/30

April 30, 2009

Justin here, (adequately?) filling in for David as he tramps around other foreign countries and hopefully avoids all those terrible giant hornets.

So you’re getting on in your years, and the keg party no longer holds the magical allure of standing on your head and enjoying the benefits and wonders of peristalsis. But you’ve still got friends and you’d still like to entertain. Well, fear not, Middle Class Citizen, for Wikihow can show you the way and the glory of the Fancy Dinner Party. Don’t forget, during the 90’s the rise of microbreweries means you have all sorts of high-class ales at market-flooded, deflated prices to choose from if your memories of PBR were not fond.

If your troubles lie in the Miscellany Information Department, please see the following article debunking the myth of hair knowing when it’s been cut and resuming growth. It’ll get you through those long and torturous Team Trivia matches where your friends fail at anything except sports. Straight Dope has been run by Cecil Adams since before Al Gore invented the internet, and will provide you with virtually limitless supplies of useless but interesting data to wow that MC at the pub.

In these hard economic times, you may be like myself and without a job or things to do. Might I suggest World of Warcraft? Though I don’t indulge in it myself, it may help your chances of landing that management job. Consider your leveling antics as continuing education while you rationalize any number of other things in your life.

And finally, the hot topic all the rage amongst dialogue nowadays and the focus of the media frenzy is swine flu. Before chatting with coworkers around the water cooler (where did that water come from? Is it sanitized?), direct your attention to this interesting history of the disease so that you may be better equipped to slap down misinformation when it comes your way like a plague-carrying mosquito.

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