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Stuff To Click If You Wanna Seem Interesting – 4/23

April 23, 2009

Google engages in stage two of its plan for benevolent world domination organization, and some bloke from Wired isn’t happy about its new encroachment into our personal space.  Meanwhile, you can check out the results of me completely ignoring the privacy implications of the new ‘feature’ from the dark underbelly of the Google Labs.  (Wired – Epicenter)

The blogosphere is abuzz with the release of the OLC torture memos, but can anyone be bothered to actually read the dang things?  Luckily, Jonathan Mann has condensed all the legalese fit to outrage you into a catchy, effective, 2 minute pop song.

Speaking of pop songs, this little kid impresses me not only because he does a spot-on Keith Moon impression, but also because he can actually sit through all 8 minutes of Won’t Get Fooled Again!  That tune is long, dudes! (Wimp – Child Drumming Prodigy)

Kim Jong Il hopes for precisely the opposite, namely that he can fool American diplomats into giving him aid for the empty promise of shutting down nuclear reactors that he would promptly re-open at the next election.  Unfortunately he’s running out of plutonium and his ‘satellite’ launch looked suspiciously like a dud missile.  (The Economist)

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