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Iowa Now Officially More Progressive Than California

April 6, 2009

In a unanimous ruling, the Iowa Supreme Court made a daring move to surpass the Golden State as the nation’s premier destination for gay and lesbian couples.

The aggressive Iowan marketing group ruled that a law banning same-sex marriage did not “substantially further any important governmental objective,” citing a need to maintain equal protection for all citizens under the law.

Some residents were not happy with Iowa’s new ‘edgy’ advertising campaign.

On at least one talk-radio show, residents were enraged.

“I’m almost ready to up and leave Iowa and move back to Minnesota,” one woman said angrily.

from the New York Times

And now finally the trap is complete.  We have finally driven “one woman” into the clutches of her own arch-nemesis, Presumptive Senator Al Franken!

But the spunky Supreme Court isn’t worried.  As long as the (empty) threats to up and leave Hiawatha are fewer than the threats to up and marry another man, they will consider their campaign to be a smashing, lucrative success.

Serious note: Huzzah!


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