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Only At The Pentagon: Ridley Scott’s Worst Nightmares Come True

April 1, 2009

From, the harrowing story of a fanciful military project gone from laughingstock (I haven’t the foggiest reason why) to fully, Congressionally funded, supervillain’s wet dream.

Yes, we Americans will have the proud distinction of being the first country to deploy not just marines, not just space marines, but robotic space marines, and possibly as early as 2012.

Other than the obvious application to send our robotic brothers-in-arms to see things us people wouldn’t believe, we should sleep well at night with the knowledge that no matter how much the rest of the world hates our country, the military will no longer need their permission to send vehicles rocketing through their airspace at Mach 3 with missions to blow up some Middle Eastern hospital terrorist training camp or something.

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